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Actually, the invention of zipper sourced from necessity. Before the I. World War, people used to use button, which was big and hard to fasten, for fastenning their clothes. Although it is hard to mention of only one inventor for the invention of zipper, it can be said that the main contribution was made by Whitcomb L.Judson, who was a machine engineer from Chicago, in 1893. In those years, Judson used to make successful inventions examining the improvements of tramvay and automobile. In 1891, Judson came up with the invention of “Clasp Locker” for shoes.

Whitcomb L.Judson displayed his invention at the Chicago World’s Fair. But it didn’t get the expected attention. There were many design errors in Judson’s invention. Also it had a scary view. And many manufacturers refused to make mass production. This invention, which was a product of creative mind, couldn’t become popular because it was rough and useless. Gideon Sundback, who was a Swedish engineer working in Judson’s company, improved Judson’s fastener and made the zipper used today. He noticed that fasteners must be small to be flexible and reliable. He improved his invention working in that direction till 1913.

After USA participated the war in 1917, the Admiral not only made Sundback rich in one night by ordering thousands of zippers but also paved the way for zipper to be an indispensable product, one of the most important practical tools in our life and even to take its place in our idioms.

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