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Established in 18.03.1993,
ÖZKON BOYA KONFEKSİYON YAN ÜRÜNLERİ SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. had been importing finished zipper until the year 2005 but headed for production after anti-damping tax.
Our company, which has been adding new machines to its production line day by day, has been making mass production and has been working with stocks by using Taiwan made machines.
By manufacturing 15.000.000 meter zipper annually without making concession from good quality production policy under our ADS trademark, we have been strengthening our place in Turkey market day by day, have been exporting textile accessories mainly to the Balkans and Central Asia Turkish Republics .We have been continuing cheap and good quality production by means of mass production without  making concession from total quality management, high quality, technology and fair price policies against cheap and poor quality products that began to enter Turkey market by smuggling after anti-damping tax.

Offerring quick and good quality service to our individual and corporate customers by supplying all kinds of zippers with reasonable prices.  

Fixing our place in the market by meeting our customers’ expectations in the highest level.

Good quality and warm communication with customers.
Supplying customers’ requirements as soon as possible with the best quality product and reasonable cost.
Giving the priority to honesty and trust in business. Aiming to meet customers’ need rather than selling goods.
Preferring long term and balanced business relationships rather than short term and unsettled business relationships.
Working in accordance with Quality Management System conditions with the aim of continuous progress and make QMS active in the establishment. Contributing to happiness of our workers and customers by providing disciplined, tranquil and warm like family working atmosphere.

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